How to Place Your Order Online

Select the product you desire. For items without a design, simply add them to your cart – it's that straightforward! Yes, we do offer undecorated products. Our design system facilitates easy and creative online designing. You can customise almost every aspect of the garment. As you add designs or text, the price is automatically calculated. Keep these rules in mind to secure an excellent price:

- Ordering more results in reduced costs! Even a slight increase in quantity may lower the price. For instance, check the pricing for 101 items when ordering 100.
- Additional colours in your design will increase costs.
A one-colour print is cheaper than a two-colour print.
- Printing or embroidering on multiple positions raises the cost. Printing on a single position incurs lower costs.

Turnaround Time for Your Order

Your order will be dispatched within 10 days from the receipt of your confirmed order. A confirmed order is when we've received both your payment and artwork/ design. Once your order is completed online and your artwork is received, you're booked for production. Sit back, relax, and await the arrival of your goods.

Stock Availability

Our website showcases general stock, often sourced from the UK. Occasionally, we may experience stock availability issues. In such cases, upon receiving your order, our sales team will promptly contact you. We'll propose suitable alternatives or offer a full refund if an item is out of stock.

Finalising Your Order Online

For the most part, yes. However, we'll ensure everything meets your expectations by sending you a FREE VISUAL for approval before production. Your response to this email confirms that everything is accurate. If changes are required, email us back, and we'll provide another FREE VISUAL for your approval. Once we receive your final approval, your order will soon be on its way.

Minimum Order and VAT Details

There's no minimum order – whether it's for one exceptional person or a larger quantity, but remember
our pricing rules for the best deal. VAT applies to all items except children's clothing. The charged VAT is forwarded to the revenue commissioners and isn't retained by us. If VAT-exempt due to a non-Irish VAT number, please contact our customer service department for support.

Shipping Your Order

We dispatch your order using DPD for overnight delivery within Ireland. For the UK and Europe, expect a 3-day delivery service.

Payment Options

Pay for your order securely using Credit or Laser Card during the checkout process. Our payment system is handled through Stripe and PayPal.

Return Policy

You have the option to return goods and seek credit or replacement for the following reasons:
- Goods are printed or embroidered incorrectly, not as per the approved visual.
- Goods are faulty or incorrect items have been supplied.
Note: Approved spelling mistakes are not the responsibility of Colours International. Please ensure to review the visual before production.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of confirmation and receive a full refund.

Expedited Order Processing

For quicker order processing, get in touch with our customer care team to discuss your options.

Design Print or Embroidery Sizes

We utilize standard size settings for various print positions. When printing or embroidering goods of different sizes, consider that using a standard chest size print might appear very large on a small garment and slightly small
on an extra-large one. Additionally, when printing or embroidering on the back of hooded sweatshirts, note that the hood may obscure a back print. 



Generic Print Positions: 

Breast size 10cm x 5 cm

Sleeve Print 9 cm x 4 cm

Front size 26 cm x 15 cm

Back size 26 cm x 15 cm


Generic Embroidery: 

Breast size 10cm x 6 cm - Max 10K stitches

Front and back size - Max 30K stitches   

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